Energis 8 Services has a great capacity of production, beeing the greatest Brazil plant on the provision of services of formulation and packaging of automotive and industrial lubricant oils.

We act strongly and with huge operational experience and technique on the oil derivates products sectors. In the last years we have been diversifying our services provision through the enlargement for the Special Fluids sectors, like Break Fluid, Radiator Fluid and ARLA 32


  • Packaging of Base Oils, Additives and Other Chemical Products
  • Blending Process
  • Packaging Processess in several SKU’s
  • Laboratory Analisis
  • Storage of Finished Bulk and Packaged Products
  • Logistic Operations

Energis 8 Services dispose of an external tanking area compound by 44 tanks, totalizing 4.600m³ for storage of base oils, additives and other chemical products. In the internal areas, there are 3 sheds with 18 tanks for the blending process.

We dispose of 8 dosing machines for the packaging process, where we can operate with various kinds of SKU’s, varying from bottles from 100ml to IBC from 1000ml. For the bulk process, we have a loading platform with 6 mechanical arms.

Our plant at Iperó counts on a Technological Center  with modern analysis equipment  and a highly qualified Chemical thechnician team with large experience on the Industrial and Automotives Lubricants Oils, Agrichemicals, Special Fluids and Other Chemical Products. All the analysis setted here follows the determinated standard from the Standard ISO EC 17.025.

The logistic operations, other service provide by Energis 8 Serviços it’s located in our Storage of 5000m² and with 3.000 pallets positions, inside our plant, ready to offer the services of storage and loading of severaal finished products, according to your sales order.