Energis 8 Services was created with the intention of being the biggest and more efficient provider of blending process and packaging services in Brazil.

With our planned structure and production capacity, we became the biggest plant on the services provider of Brazil and the biggest lubricant plant of the state of São Paulo.

This plant counts with 44 tanks, totalizing 4.600m³ for storage of base oils, additives and other chemicals products. In the internal areas, there are 3 sheds with 18 tanks for the blending process.

We are authorized by the Resolution No 18 from ANP, to perform the blending process and packaging of automotive and industrial lubricants oils. We perform the blending process with great effiency, quality e flexbility, with lots produced between 5m3 to 320m3 by batch.

Extending the range of offered services, we perform the blending and the packaging of Radiator Fluid and the packaging of Break Gluid and ARLA 32 for world-renowed brands.

When it comes to blending process, Energis 8 Services are fully prepared to meet the needs of the market with excellence.